At Layline Risk Management Partners, our clients are our first priority. We are constantly striving to use the latest innovations and technology to manage your risk management and employee benefits needs. The level of knowledge, enthusiasm, experience, integrity, and creativity of our professional staff positions us to deliver superior performance and services to our clients.

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Layline Risk Management Partners is a full service risk management, insurance brokerage and employee benefits consulting firm. What sets us apart is the unique manner in which we approach the client/broker partnership. We become an extension of your organization with an intimate knowledge of the workings and offerings of the best providers in the United States. That is how we approach your specific situation and design the plan that really benefits your employees…and your bottom line.



Layline is, primarily, a referral agency. 80% of our clients are referred to us by Private Equity firms, CFOs, CEOs, Law firms, and accounting firms. These important partners recognize our professional standards and commitment to client service. With a strong referral network, our time is Client focused not Sales focused.In every decision, your needs come first not public shareholders.


Insurance & Risk Management Solutions.

Layline Risk Management Partners is prepared to help minimize or eliminate existing and/or potential future liabilities. We can provide alternative solutions to liabilities inherent in a wide variety of transactions. Conditioned to act within compressed time frames, we can respond with sophisticated contracts that cap the volatility of known liabilities, or transfer those liabilities in full.

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Insurance & Risk Management Solutions

Employee Benefits Consulting.

The substantial investments you make in employee benefits deserve maximum returns that offer the greatest benefit to your company and your employees. Layline Risk Management Partners has the breadth of expertise to assess your company’s needs and the depth of resources to implement a plan structured to meet those needs. Together, we can ensure your employee benefits investment is poised for optimum return.

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Employee Benefits Consulting

Providing Timely Solutions

Our Clients will have at their disposal the best technical and service oriented professionals in the insurance community. Harnessing these resources in an effective, responsive and seamless manner is the core responsibility of Layline Risk Management Partners.

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Providing Timely Solutions

What Sets Us Apart?

Layline can act as an “outsourced Risk Manager” for your company. We can assist a company in evaluating/quantifying their insurance risks; we will design the proper coverages and limits, and identify the best insurance carrier partner. When you make investments in your company, you bring best in class accounting, legal and marketing support – with our practice model, we can deliver best in class insurance and risk management support.